Psalmody Mini Course - Beta Version

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Course Introduction

(This is currently the Beta version. If you purchase the Beta version, you will automatically receive free access to the much improved Alpha 2.0 version when it is available. Coming soon.) 

Prerequisite: An understanding of Gregorian Chant's square notation and basic sight singing skills
This course explains Psalmody's melodic variations through all of the various 8 church modes for both Divine Office and Mass, some of the additional tones, and some of the differences between Roman and Monastic versions.

Your instructor, Mr. Christopher Jasper, is the founder of the Gregorian Chant Academy and has over 25 years of experience studying, singing and directing Gregorian Chant. He was a student under the late Dom Daniel Saulnier, OSB of Solesmes and is currently an acquaintance of Don Alberto Turco and Giacomo Baroffio with whom he converses regularly. Mr Jasper is also a former postulant and current oblate of the Benedictine Monastero di San Benedetto in Norcia, Italy. He is currently married with 4 children.

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