Floriani is a men's vocal ensemble dedicated to serving the Church and saving the culture through the beauty of sacred music.

We envision nothing short of a revival of Catholic sacred music in churches nationwide, which will accelerate the return to sacred liturgical tradition and greater reverence for Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Floriani & Gregorian Chant Academy

In 2023, Floriani acquired The Gregorian Chant Academy and added Chris Jasper, its founder, to the Floriani team. This strategic acquisition will accelerate the work of both Floriani and The Gregorian Chant Academy.

The GCA inspires and teaches Catholics around the world how to better sing and pray Gregorian Chant with understanding. "That our minds may be in harmony with our voice." - St. Benedict

  • Christopher Jasper

    Founder, Gregorian Chant Academy

    Christopher founded the Gregorian Chant Academy in 2021, and operates it now as the academic arm of Floriani.

    Christopher has been singing and studying Gregorian Chant since 1997, including advanced studies under the late Dom Daniel Saulnier at the Abbey of Solesmes and at Le Centre d'Etudes Superieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France. He is also friends with such figures as Msgr Alberto Turco, Giacomo Baroffio, Dr William Mahrt and others.

Of superb on-demand content available.
40+ hours
Chris studied in-depth at the Abbey of Solesmes under the late Dom Daniel Saulnier.
Expert Leadership
Under Chris' leadership GCA's YouTube subscriber base has grown to over 40K+ subscribers and 2.3M views in its first 3 years.
40,000+ Subscribers

Why the Gregorian Chant Academy

"That our minds may be in harmony with our voice." - St. Benedict

High-Quality Content
An in-depth, systematic study of Gregorian Chant, at the level contained in our Master Course, is practically non-existent outside the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music (PIMS) in Rome.
Impact Driven Vision
By offering a structured yet flexible learning methodology, the Gregorian Chant Academy envisions increasing the use of Gregorian Chant in all Roman Catholic parishes, religious houses and families around the world.
While there are many excellent workshops, seminars, colloquiums, etc around the world, the student is faced with many obstacles: The brevity of these events prevents any in-depth, systematic study; the price can range from $500 - $1,000 merely to attend.
Our Academy is entirely online and a-synchronous, which means no need to travel, and no scheduling conflicts. The Master Course offers a truly immersive and systematic study of Gregorian Chant not found outside of the PIMS, while the individual modules of the master course are also available as stand alone Mini Courses.

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